Our Approach

We provide only trusted Subject Matter Experts who have worked with our Team at some point in the capture life-cycle.  All Capture Excellence Team members have a shared vision for success, dedication to quality, and complementary business networks to identify and source qualified personnel or trusted teaming partners.

Our Story

Our Team started in February 2017 by Reinoehl "Doc" Dougherty and Donald Smith formed an LLP with the goal of providing expert capture consulting services. Since then, they have expanded their roster of trusted SMEs and customers.  We continue to bring on new Team members as requirements are identified.  All Team members have worked with us in the past and we can personally vouch for their expertise and professionalism.

Meet the Team

Reinoehl "Doc" Dougherty

Over 35 years of diverse experience, with emphasis on leadership and results in business development, strategic planning, pipeline development and refinement, capture leadership and proposal development.  A proven track record of success for leading teams in developing opportunities and winning new business. Defined and established the Capture Excellence model for Lockheed Martin. Regularly assigned to corporate focus acquisition targets with high dollar values and strategic significance. Brings tremendous depth of experience and unique perspectives in diverse Federal Government acquisition opportunities across the entire business development life cycle with high rate of quality, competitiveness, and success. Extensive industry experience with a broad array of Federal & Commercial customers, including DOS, USAID, DOE, NNSA, All DoD, SSA, EPA, CMS, and NSA.

Donald W. Smith

Recognized industry expert in all aspects of Federal acquisition regulations, contract terms and conditions, and the impact and implications that these regulations and requirement have for bidding and operating contracts for the Federal Government.  Outstanding track record of success in customer contract negotiations during competitions as well as completing post award negotiations and contract transitions.

Over 40 years of leadership experience in contract, finance, proposal, strategic, and operations teams on-site or in headquarters work locations for both DoD and civilian agencies (NASA, DoS, DHS/CBP, NOAA, and GSA) for both CONUS and OCONUS opportunities. Trusted face and voice in direct to the customer communications and negotiations.

Reinoehl "Ryan" Dougherty

Over 15 years of capture experience supporting the following unique industry arenas: 1) in-country contingency operations, base operations, judicial, correctional, and civilian police training, and disease surveillance in support of USAID, DoS INL, CDC, and other civil customers in OCONUS environments; 2) Health IT prototyping, information exchange, big data analytics, and fraud detection/prevention in support of CMS, SSA, NIH, the Australian Department of Human Services, and ONC; 3) Operations and Maintenance in support of Aviation-based Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance for the US Army PM SAI, Air Force, Coast Guard, and DoS INL; 4) Counter Narcotics support contracts across the world providing material, training, and specialized augmentation services to partner nations.