Capture Strategy Development

Using a process driven and proven approach, our Team works with your staff to identify the near and long term steps, activities, and outcomes necessary to execute a successful capture.  This encompasses all phases of the capture, from opportunity identification, customer engagement, teaming, proposal development, through Final Proposal Revision and oral presentations.

Solution Design Workshops

Offering 1, 2, and 3 day structured workshops, we engage with your technical, business, subcontracts, management, and other staff (including key teammates) to develop a clear solution.  This includes early engineering artifacts (initial application architectures, make vs. buy, etc); subcontractor Statements of Work; risk matrices; customer value proposition statements; initial level of effort identification; and other necessary technical artifacts that you'll need once the RFP is released.

Proposal Development

Our Team includes experienced proposal writers, graphic artists, volume leads, and other critical support staff. We offer remote and on-site support for shaping white papers, pre-RFP, and post-RFP proposal artifact development.

Capture Strategy Development

As depicted in the top half of the graphic to the left, our Team elicits the strategies and themes in a methodical fashion and captures them in a mind-map.  During this process, we first document your understanding of the customer's needs and your company's high-level win strategy.  Then we expand upon the overall win-strategy in three primary areas: management, technical, an cost.

Depending on the size, scope, and complexity of a particular bid, this can take one day or many to develop a completed mind-map.  We also encourage decision-makers, key personnel, proposal development staff, and representatives from various functional groups to attend as this is also an internal consensus building activity that results in a singular voice to the customer.

At the end of this activity, we will deliver a completed mind map and supporting strategic artifacts, including call plans, teaming strategies, next steps with critical milestones, SWOT analysis, and parking lot items that require further investigation.


This activity builds on the offer design artifacts and forms the basis of a well-thought out and comprehensive proposal.  Our experience has taught us that all value-added capture activities should result in usable proposal artifacts.  By determining the strategic approach early, in the offer design and corresponding mind-map plus other artifacts, we focus on the technical, management, and cost tactics necessary to execute that strategy.

Much like the offer design approach, our Team uses a participatory, group-focused technique involving the same participants as the capture strategy activities, ensuring that all detailed aspects of the solution are executable, reflect the customer's needs, and resonate with your value proposition.

At the close of these workshops, we will have developed fully fleshed out first draft story-boards, solution architectures, identified risks and mitigations, and next steps to take the first draft and storyboards to a pink-team ready document.


During this high-pressure and time sensitive phase, we offer as-needed on-site and remote proposal development expertise.  This includes skilled technical proposal writers across multiple domains (technical, management, past performance, executive summary), editing support, graphics development, and other augmentation support. We also provide expert contracts experience and consulting services in the complex fields of representations and certifications, specialized bidding entity creation, joint ventures, Public-Private partnerships, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Service Contract Act, and other regulatory and legal contractual terms of compliance. We maintain a roster of SMEs and will provide their resumes, rates, and availability upon request.



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